Frequently Asked Questions / Policies

Frequently Asked Questions / Policies2023-10-17T17:35:19-04:00

Below are our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Drop-in Class2023-10-18T11:28:06-04:00

Space permitting, we accept a limited number of clients on a drop-in basis. We encourage you to sig-up through the Wellness Living app or visit our website at The fee for drop-in is $30 and may be paid by credit-card or in-person at the studio.

Class Registration2023-10-18T11:30:18-04:00

All students are required to register for classes online through the Wellness Living app or our website at Online payments are required for all Virtual and In-Studio classes as well as private lessons and special workshops. Space is limited for all classes and early registration is encouraged to ensure that you may participate in class.

Studio Maintenance2023-10-17T17:30:44-04:00

We are here to prove a quality instruction in a clean and safe environment for our beautiful community. To achieve this, we ask that all clients assist us by doing the following:

  1. Please dispose of any trash (bottles, cans, paper products) in the designated places in the studio.
  2. Please take all belongings with you when you leave the studio. We do not provide storage for items left behind and any items left unclaimed, may be discarded.
  3. Please clean-up after yourself by wiping away visible sweat from the areas around your mat at the end of class.
  4. Please place shoes in the designated “Shoe Storage” either on the floor or shoe rack. Shoes should never be store in the cubbies located in the yoga room and lobby.
  5. Please wash your hands frequently and use the hand sanitizer stations located in the studio as needed.
Social Distancing – Pandemic2023-10-18T11:26:42-04:00

We enforce social distancing throughout the studio during classes and while in other areas of the building. During class, participates are spaced at least 6 feet apart. At any time that you leave your mat for any reason, we ask that you wear a mask.

COVID-19 Mask Requirements- Pandemic2023-10-18T11:27:13-04:00

All visitors to studio and students participating in classes must wear a mask when entering the building. You have the option to remove your mask once you are in class and positioned at your mat. At any time that you leave your mat, we ask that you wear a mask to protect yourself, other clients, and our staff.

In-Studio and Virtual Class Cancellations2023-10-18T11:31:02-04:00

Reservations may be cancelled without penalty online up to 2 hours prior to the class start time by signing into your account and cancelling your reservation. All cancellations made less than 2 hours before class will be considered a “late cancel.” A “late cancel” on your account will result in the class being deducted from the package you purchased and a $10 no show fee will be charged to your account. This applies to all membership packages, daily drop-ins, and Class Pass memberships.

Private Lesson Cancellations2023-10-18T11:31:47-04:00

You may cancel your private lesson up to 24 hours before your lesson to receive a full refund. If you do not cancel in time, you will be charged a $10 cancellation fee and the remaining balance of your payment will be issued as a credit to your account. Cancellations must be in writing and sent to We will not issue a refund for a private lesson not cancelled in accordance with our private lesson cancellation policy.

Payment for Services2023-10-17T17:30:43-04:00

Acceptable forms of payment for services and products are cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Arrival Time for Classes2023-10-17T17:30:42-04:00

The studio will open ten minutes prior to the scheduled class start time. This will allow adequate time to check-in and get organized to prepare for class. The doors of the studio will be locked immediately before class starts. The doors will remain locked while class is in session. For the safely and security of our clients, we do not allow visitors to remain in the lobby while classes are in session.

Yoga Mats, Towels and Props2023-10-17T17:30:42-04:00

A yoga mat and towel are required for all classes. We encourage participates to bring their own mat, towel, and props for classes. We offer towel and mats for rent or purchase. Please see our website for pricing details.

Membership Changes2023-10-17T17:30:42-04:00

We do not offer refunds, transfers, our exchanges on our memberships.


Parking is available on streets adjacent to the studio in the residential areas.  Free parking is generally limited to two hours in the residential areas.

Additionally, there are parking meters located directly in front of the studio on South Washington Street. It is important to note the parking signs that indicate the times that parking is prohibited.

Respecting Boundaries Policy2023-10-17T17:30:42-04:00

In today’s world, where respect and consideration are of paramount importance, we want to emphasize our commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment at Zen Yoga and Wellness Studio. As we build our harmonious community, it’s crucial that we maintain a deep respect for one another’s personal boundaries, especially in a litigious climate.

We kindly request that, at all times during classes or in the common areas, you be mindful of the personal space of others. Specifically, we ask that both teachers and students exercise great care not to touch others without explicit permission. This request extends to any form of assistance, whether it’s during a class or in interactions outside of class.

We understand that each individual’s boundaries may vary, and we believe that open communication and mutual respect are essential in creating a beautiful and harmonious community. We value your commitment to these principles, which helps us foster a nurturing and supportive atmosphere where everyone can thrive.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Zen Yoga and Wellness Studio community, and for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining these important boundaries.

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