Individual Private Sessions

Private yoga lessons and wellness sessions may be booked with any one of certified staff members. Sessions are held in our studio and are the perfect way to individualize your wellness practice and increase your understanding of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Individual sessions are uniquely tailored to the needs of each client. Our certified instructors are trained to work with you to address body alignment, breathing techniques, technique for individual poses and ways to achieve an advanced yoga practice. They will develop a plan for you that perfectly match your personal goals.

For beginner clients, private yoga session are suitable for learning the basics of a mindful practice and to build confidence in practicing a larger group setting. All private lessons may be set-up as a one-time class or on an on-going basis to all members of our studio. Before scheduling private lessons, we encourage you to review our FAQs to learn more about payment and cancellations for private lessons.

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Corporate and Group Sessions / Special Events Space Rental

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Corporate and Group Sessions

We offer a range of tailored wellness services, including small corporate and group private yoga sessions, creating an intimate and focused atmosphere for participants. Additionally, their studio is available for private wellness celebrations, workshops, and events, providing a serene and versatile space for various gatherings. For more information and booking details, you may contact the studio by phone (240) 493-7017 or email at

Special Events Space Rental

Are you an independent Wellness professional?

Our studio offers selective space rental opportunities, allowing individuals and organizations to utilize our tranquil studio for promoting wellness goals. Whether you’re planning a private event, workshop, or any other wellness-related gathering, Zen Yoga provides a serene and versatile environment for your needs. For inquiries about space rental and availability, please reach out to the studio by phone at (240) 493-7017 or email at